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Prenatal Massage Therapy

As women go through the various stages of pregnancy, many changes will occur. Physically, as the uterus grows with the growing fetus, the weight and stress affects your neck, shoulders, spine and overall posture. Prenatal massage therapy is beneficial for all stages of pregnancy (pre-natal or post-natal) to promote relaxation. Further into the pregnancy, women commonly experience more swelling, aches, and insomnia, finding it hard to find comfort in their changing bodies. Various techniques can be safely used to alleviate discomfort for the mom to be.

How can prenatal massage help?

With the help of our licensed registered massage therapists, you may be able to find more ease and relaxation through out your journey into motherhood.

  • physical relaxation of tense muscles

  • relieve muscle cramps and spasms

  • take pressure off joints

  • promote lymphatic flow and drainage to reduce water retention

  • reduce anxiety and stress levels

  • aid the body to relax to reduce symptoms of insomnia

Our therapists are professionally trained to understand the needs of a pregnant body, using safe and affective techniques to safely reduce discomfort. A body cushion is used to elevate the body to be able to lay flat safely accommodating the space for the growing bump. Our prenatal massage therapists will be happy to share their expertise for ongoing care, from sleeping positions to postural corrections for a easeful experience.

Have more questions about prenatal massage therapy? Visit our office in Richmond BC or give us an email at

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